Monday, March 28, 2011

Anniversary Giveaway Celebration Winners!

Congrats to all our winners! Please contact us at to claim your prize. We will forward the info on to the sponsors. If you miss this entry we will email you about your prize within the next few days. Thank you for supporting us throughout the year! Please stop by our sponsors pages to give them a BIG ol' Rosy Bows thank you!

And without further ado.... (we are putting the winners we have heard from in italics to keep ourselves organized, thanks!)

If your name is NOT italicized, we have not heard from you AND/OR your sponsor has not heard from you!!

YOU HAVE UNTIL 11:59 EST ON MARCH 31 TO CONTACT US AT SO WE CAN SEND YOUR SPONSOR YOUR INFO! If you have already contacted your sponsor, please let us know so we can mark you off of the list.

~WonderfullyWickless Scents by Holly Metzger:

Sheryle Hulet Baleashka

~Bumbledoo: Tammy Leann Naylor

~Dawneedooville: Rene Denning

~Valerie's Creations-Bib: Amanda Walker-Desmarais

~Crafty Creations by Ivy: Fluffy Bums

~Rosy Bows-Vintage Crochet Headbands: Betty Roe

~Creative Lovin' Stitches: Nina Hi

~Bless Others With Cards: Kymee Grieve

~Cuddlebee: Kristina Best

~Erica's 31 Gifts: Konni Fink

~Modified Momma Creations: Maria Montaperto Zelinski

~Bubble Bee Creations: Brenda Lukehart

~Jenna B Boutique: Kymee Grieve

~Rosy Bows-$5 Rosy Bucks: Jenn McNary

~Mommy's Sewing Corner: April Lashbrook Burman

~Sweeping Me: Ciara Connell

~Hair's Hair Bows: Teresa Wyatt

~Candles Decor And More (Party Lite): Jenna Barrowman

~Lily Baby: Jenn McNary

~Jj Maner Stuffies: Nikki Muroski

~Aliette Designs: Tiffany McKenrick

~Sugar Monkey Boutique : Our Full House

~Flames And Wicks Candles: Kelly Woods

~How Fast Time Flies Resale: Trish Rose

~Colees Crafts: NEW WINNER: NIKKI CREASON BAIRFIELD (You will be contacted by Rosy Bows AND your sponsor shortly)

~3 Little Birds Boutique: Jessica Kershner

~TNS Family Value[s] (#1: Ad Space): Erika Pickering

~Diapers and Denim: Maureen Irish

~My Baby Cow: Michelle Pagayon

~Blooms and Butterflies: Erin Bullis

~Rosy Bows (#3: Hat): Olivia Lambert Lasting

~Tumbled Monkey Sprouts: Renee Woods Goldinger

~Auntie Monkey Creations: Betty Roe

~Rosy Bows: (#4 Giant Pouf Bow): Reyka Smith

~TNS Family Value[s] (#2: 5 extra entries): Shannon Alexander

~Megan Curtis, Arbonne Independent Consultant: Courtney Elaine Flinchum

~Jumpn Jax Boutique: Ivonna Freeman

~Valerie's Creations: (#2: Bracelet): Kristina Best

~Rosy Bows (#5: 50% off coupon): Jenny Troutner

~Fluffs Enough Giveaway Shoutouts: Erika Pickering

~Thirty One Gifts -Kerry Ann Clark: Jenni Clark

~Sweet T Photography: Michal David

~Bell E's Baubles(#1 Crochet Earrings): Christin Banda

~Bell E's Baubles(#2 Crochet Earrings): Kari Millard

~Rosy Bows (#6: $10 GC): Erika Lowery

~Valerie's Creations(#3: 50% off Beanie Frog): Jenna Barrowman

~Just Jewelry- Beth Torquato: Allison Williams Bell

~DeDa Studio: Nicole Goss

~Earthly Remedies By Erin: Rebekka Sordif

~Peek-A-Bootique: Kelly Woods

~Rosy Bows (#7: Duo Tone Purple Daisy Headband): Rachael Veltri

~Rosy Bows (#8: Black Sequined Headband w/ Pouf and Brooch): Crystal Harvey-Decou

~Rosy Bows (#8: Baby Blue & Pink Daisy Headband): Sarah Ahrendsen Stedman April Rueppel Mazey

~Pretty Little Princess: Angela White Mabe

~Rosy Bows(#9:Retro Bowband): Julie Grimberg

~Little Miss Posh: Mandy K Stables

~Valerie's Creations(#4: 50% off any baby item): Allison Williams Bell

~Pilar the Tooth Fairy: Charity Lo Giudice

~AH Vinyl Designs : Stephanie Nett

~Hooked Up Boutique: Nikki Creason Bairfield

~Rosy Bows(#10:Make up remover pads): Trish Rose

~Megans Sewing Creations : Renee Woods Goldinger

**WINNERS** Make sure you have signed the agreement form! ****Please put your name and what you won in the subject line and body of the email! It helps move things along if you put your address as well (if you won something that needs to be shipped)**** ~Rosy Bows

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