Giveaway Information- Important!

Facebook Giveaway Celebration Album Rules:
-Giveaways are in no way administered, sponsored, or associated, or sponsored by Facebook!

-The agreement form must be signed before each giveaway to be eligible to win. The link to the form will always be placed in the giveaway blog post.   

-You MUST [strongly suggest ;)] like the sponsors in order to be eligible to win their product! You are only required to like the pages whose products you are entering to win.

-ONLY 1 person per household may enter to win.

-You may not enter a giveaway under your business name/profile. It must be your personal profile.

-You may not enter with various facebook accounts, aliases, or other names. This is cheating and will cause you to be banned from our Fanpage and Giveaways, boo! :(

-Once winners are drawn, the sponsors will be VERIFYING whether or not the winners are fans of their page. If they are not, they will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be drawn.

-We will be notifying winners via a mass e-mail, as well as on a Blog Entry. Winners are then responsible for contacting us back claiming prizes. Then,  the winners information will be fwd on to the sponsor. Sponsor emails will be CC'd to the winner as well, so you will have the sponsors information. Please let us know if you do not hear from your sponsor within 48 hours of initial contact. Winners are welcome to reach sponsors on their own after a win, but make sure you let us know so we can mark you off our list. New winners will be picked for those who do not claim their prize to ROSY BOWS within 48 hours of being emailed. We will frequently post the blog entry link of winners on our facebook wall.  

-We ask that you only like a page if you plan on staying a fan! Please don't unlike the fan page right after the giveaway. These WAHMs work hard to gain fans so they can gain exposure to their pages.

-It is not required, but please leave love on our sponsors wall, and tell them that Rosy Bows sent you! It is also a great idea for winners to leave a review after receiving your free gifts!

-Please allow up to 30 days for the sponsor to get your item to you. A lot of these items have to be made and sent off while the sponsors are in between orders. So, please be patient! If you have lost contact or have not received your prize from your sponsor, please notify us and we will contact them.

***Protocol For Claiming Prizes: Once receiving our email that you have won a prize and found your name on our blog, please email us within 48 hours to claim your prize. You are welcome to contact your sponsor on your own, but we still need you to claim your prize through us. We will  FWD your information on to the sponsors once you claim your prize, even if you have already contacted them on your own. YOU MUST CLAIM YOUR PRIZE WITH ROSY BOWS to avoid having new winners picked. This ensures that everyone has claimed their prizes, that information has been sent out on our part, and helps keep us organized. Please include the following in your email claiming your prize: Your name, your sponsors business name, the prize your won, your email address, and your mailing address (if the prize you won needs to be shipped). Thanks!

***Here is the way we will be adminstering facebook fan guveaways from now on:

Blog Giveaway Instructions/Information:
Follow the instructions for the mandatory entry. This entry must be done before any of the extra entries will count. If you complete extra entries without completing the mandatory entry, we will have to choose another winner. After you have completed the mandatory entry, leave a comment on the giveaway’s blog post telling us that you completed the mandatory entry.

You MUST leave your e-mail address on EVERY post so we know who you are! If there is no contact information, we will have to choose another winner! We don’t want to do that so PLEASE leave us your e-mail so we can contact you!

After you have completed the mandatory entry, you have the option to complete extra entries. Extra entries give you a better chance of winning!! Each task will be worth up to 10 entries! You MUST leave a comment for EVERY entry. For example, if you do something that is worth 5 entries, you must leave 5 separate comments saying that you completed the task. We do check to be sure every task was completed!

Sponsor Information:

What you should know:
- Each giveaway will be a little different on when they start and end, and will be laid out in each giveaway entrance form.
-We will be adding photos to the preview album as we receive them and as we have time. If you have not seen your photo go up within a week of sending it, please let us know.

-After winners are drawn via, we will be posting all winners on our blog. This could take up to 3-4 days depending on how many prizes are donated. Then, we will e-mail the link to the blog to each winner individually. The winner will have to contact us with their information, and we will forward that information to the sponsor. This keeps us in the know and helps us stay organized in knowing who has and hasn't been contacted on both ends, winner & sponsor.
-As a sponsor, YOU are responsible for getting your prize to the winner in a timely manner (within 30 days unless you have communicated with your winner otherwise). If you do not hold up your end of the deal, you will be banned from sponsoring Rosy Bows giveaways. We all enter in giveaways and know what it's like to get a sponsor that won't respond. DON'T BE THAT SPONSOR!

What you need to do:
-Fill out the giveaway form telling us which item(s) you would like to donate (up to 3 items)
-E-mail us at with the photos of the items you're donating. Be sure to label your e-mail "Donation Photo" and give us the name of your Facebook Page so we know who it belongs to. If you donate more than one item, you can send all of the photos in one e-mail.
-Advertise the giveaway on your business page as often as possible in order to bring the fan numbers up faster so we can start the giveaway sooner! We will also be doing shout outs as often as we can to help bring the fans to your page!
-We will be giving fans the opportunity to get an extra entry by following your blog (if applicable), so please provide your blog URL if you have one and would like to gain more followers!

How the giveaway will work:
Fans will be asked to "like" your page and then they will have to fill out a form to enter. If they want an extra entry, they can follow your blog (if applicable) and fill out the form again. Winners will be chosen through once the giveaway ends. We will send out an e-mail with the details on start and end dates/times once the giveaway has begun.

Prizes we are accepting: (subject to change)
-Gift Codes/Coupons to your shop valued at $10 and up PLUS free shipping in the U.S.(a small fee for Canadian winners can be charged). (There must be at least one item in your shop worth the amount you are offering so the winner has the opportunity to get something for free).
-Items from your shop (valued at $10 and up)PLUS free shipping in the U.S. (a small fee for Canadian winners can be charged).
-Gift Cards for other companies (starbucks, amazon, etc.) valued at $10 and up
-Other fun freebies(valued at $10 or more)

Thank you! Link to the form to sponsor our current Giveaway: