Monday, March 28, 2011

Mama & Ruby Easter Egg Hunt-Are you in??

Last year, Mama & Ruby's Ultimate Trick-or-Treat was a huge success!! With over 800 registered participants, 30 sponsors, and 1000 Facebook fans, they really threw an awesome party! We played in the hunt and had so much fun AND found some amazing websites!! We had a hard time staying focused on the hunt because we kept getting side tracked by all the wonderful items from the WAHMs! Well, this year, they are at it again with another awesome scavenger hunt and Rosy Bows is so excited to be a part of Mama & Ruby's Easter Egg Hunt!! Here's how it works: Go to Mama & Ruby's website and register to participate. By registering you will be given hints throughout the hun that may help you find the egg on a page! The event will kick off on April 18th at 9am EST and go until midnight EST on April 22nd. During the event, there will be links to WAHM websites. You will go to each website and search for an Easter Egg logo on all of the pages. When you find the logo, you will copy and paste the URL into an e-mail for Mama & Ruby. Whoever gets ALL of them in first, will win!

Rosy Bows has donated a gift certificate good for our Choo Choo Train Crochet Hat OR our Interchangeable Crochet Flower Hat (not yet debuted, coming soon!)! So, if you have a boy or a girl, you can get an awesome crochet hat from Rosy Bows!!!

Don't miss out on this amazing event. You're sure to find some amazing sites, have lots of fun, AND possibly win some amazing prizes. Also, be sure to "Like" Mama & Ruby's Easter Egg Hunt on Facebook so you can stay updated on the event! Make sure you give them some love from Rosy Bows! Now, GO REGISTER for Mama & Ruby's Easter Egg Hunt!

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