Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rosy Bucks

Rosy Bucks are credits you can earn to use towards special purchases (similar to gift cards/codes). You can earn them when we run special Rosy Bucks offers, through our Bow of the Month Club (coming soon) and other deals. You will get your own special Rosy Bucks code to redeem that will remain your code as a customer.

Some things to know about Rosy Bucks:

- To use: simply enter in your code during checkout and the amount of Rosy Bucks you have will be taken off your order!

- When redeeming your Rosy Bucks, they must be redeemed in full. For example if you have $4.00 in your Rosy Bucks account and want to use them on your purchase, you must use all $4.00 and not any less

- You do not have to use them right away on your next purchase; you can collect them for as long as you want before redeeming

- No expiration!

- Cannot be combined with other coupon codes

- Orders must be at least $1.00 more than your Rosy Bucks amount for orders to go through (PayPal will not allow us to transmit orders less than $1.00) If you would like to only spend your Rosy Bucks amount and no more, please contact us at contact@rosybows.com

- Rosy Bucks are to be used towards future purchases, not the purchase they are earned from.

Please send all questions about Rosy Bucks to contact@rosybows.com.

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