Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rosy Baby, Bath, and Body

Introducing Rosy Baby, Bath, and Body!

For over a month now we have discussed starting a Baby, Bath, & Body line. So, we started with washcloths and make-up remover pads. We have been testing them for 3 weeks now and decided that it's time to unveil them! They are 100% cotton and SUPER soft, absorbant, and Eco-Friendly! The baby washcloths are approximately 6.5in square and the textured make up remover cloths are 4in. square.

These products will NOT be available on our website, but will be available on our etsy (coming soon).

You will also have a custom option where you will be able to choose the colors of your cloths. Each pack of baby washcloths will come in a pack of 4 coordinating colors in an beautiful organza bag. These baby washcloths can be used by you or your little one and would make GREAT baby shower gifts.

The make-up remover cloths will come in a set of 5 and will have a special crochet bag that you can put the cloths in and throw in the washer so they don't get lost! The are texturred for extra exfoliation and ensure make-up removal. These would make great gifts for anybody and are also packaged up perfectly to be given as a gift!
100% Cotton make-up remover pads with drawstring wash bag! $16.50 + $3.00 shipping/tracking

The set comes with 5 textured make up pads (you can also choose sensitive skin pads that have less texture) and a drawstring bag for storage and washing!

When you're ready to wash your pads, just toss them in the bag, pull it closed, and put in the wash! You will also receive care instructions with your purchase.

These are not yet available on our etsy as we are building up a stock to put up, but if you're interested in purchasing sooner, just e-mail us at!

**These are fully customizable and any combination of colors can be chosen

Look out for more coming from Rosy Baby, Bath and Body!

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