Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rosy Bows News!!!

Wow, we have been busy ladies lately! We hosted a giveaway for 1000 fans! Whoa! We can't believe that it's happened so fast. Once we reach 1500 fans, we will be doing a giveaway with other sponsors. So far we have about 7 sponsors but we are looking for more! Please e-mail us at contact@rosybows.com if you are interested in sponsoring! Rosy Bows will be giving away a few things as well. In other news, we continue to work on items for the holidays and have started an "Item of the Week" discount. This week our item is the Gobble Gobble Turkey Clip. It is 20% off which puts it at $3.20. You can't beat that!! This offer is only good until Sunday, November 14. If you order afterwards, the price is $4.00, but be sure to have your order in for this item by November 18 so we can get it shipped to you by Thanksgiving. Also, we recently teamed up with One Rose Photos and she is hopefully going to be doing some more work with us. She is just starting up her photography business and she does a beautiful job. We did a shoot with her yesterday and we are so happy with the pictures. What do you think? She worked so well with our model and got some great photos of her! If you like the tutu and korkerband set pictured above, be sure to check out AbbyApproved! She is teaming up with another blog, 3 Princes and a Princess 2, to do a HUGE holiday giveaway called "Santa's Hot List" and guess what?!? Rosy Bows is giving away this beautiful tutu and korkerband set!!
Abby Approved

We are so excited to be working with these wonderful ladies and we can't wait for the giveaway to get started. It will be up soon! There are so many wonderful items being given away for this event so be sure to check it out! The set we are giving away can be duplicated as well. If you are interested in purchasing this "Candy Cane" tutu set, you can customize the items on the Rosy Bows website.

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